Waubonsee Board of Trustees Seats Student Trustee
Photo of Armando Ferrer
Armando Ferrer

The Waubonsee Community College Board of Trustees seated Armando Ferrer to serve as the student trustee for the 2020-2021 academic year.   

 Ferrer is from Aurora and is studying business at Waubonsee. He was seated at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting on October 21.  

"I chose to serve to be involved in helping people make a difference for future generations of students coming into school to help make it easier for them to adjust to going into college,” said Ferrer. 

The student trustee serves as the liaison between the Board of Trustees and the college’s student body, representing student interests at the board level. The student trustee is usually seated at the board’s April meeting. The seating was delayed this year because of impacts on college operations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic in the spring semester. Ferrer will serve as the student trustee for the remainder of this academic year.