Waubonsee Rolls Out Pandemic Relief Plan to Help Taxpayers and Students

As the area’s community college, Waubonsee Community College recognizes the economic hardships experienced by its residents and students due to the ongoing pandemic. That recognition has led to the development of the Waubonsee Pandemic Relief Plan. This plan is aimed at providing economic relief to both district taxpayers and students.

The multi-pronged approach to support district taxpayers includes refinancing existing college debt to leverage historically low interest rates, while also abating some or all of the bond and debt levy for calendar year 2020. This abatement will result in smaller property tax bills for district residents.

Funding for this action comes from the reallocation and redirection of funds originally dedicated to major campus construction projects; these projects are currently paused due to the pandemic.

Additional Waubonsee budget reallocations, combined with federal COVID-19 relief grant dollars, are also allowing the college to provide some economic relief for its students.

For the upcoming spring 2021 semester, all credit students will receive the Spring Forward Scholarship, a $40 per credit hour scholarship. Additional scholarships will be available for students who meet specific criteria or have a specific need.

To help further remove financial barriers, the college will be offering an extended payment plan option.

“We want to support our students in pursuing and continuing their academic careers during this incredibly challenging time,” said Waubonsee President Dr. Christine Sobek. “We know the important role education plays, not only in their future but in their well-being.”